Supervision Nr. 1
Supervision Nr. 1
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Supervision Nr. 1
Tears of Ice: Dunedin Photographs 2017–2018
by Pat Kraus


Designed by Pat Kraus

Printed by Gilbert May, Point.

A handcrafted book in an edition of fifty, featuring twelve hand-tipped photographic prints.

"Dunedin is a small university city in the sparsely populated south of New Zealand. It was my home from age eighteen to twenty-five, and was the scene of many firsts in my life: love and sex, alcoholism, drugs, major depression, and artistic and intellectual awakening. The images in this book were made during a six-month period of reconnection with the city after an absence of sixteen years. They represent an attempt to reconcile my feelings about a place that has left deep marks on me, a place that I find heartbreakingly beautiful, thrilling in its bleakness, and seductive like the arms of a hot, yet toxic lover."

Pat Kraus is a musician and photographer based in Auckland. In a music career spanning twenty years, he has released fifteen solo albums, performed in several bands, and toured New Zealand, Australia and Europe. A self-taught photographer working exclusively with 35mm film, this is his first book.

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