Mimicry is a journal of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, comedy, music, art, photography and design by emerging New Zealand artists.

This is issue four.

Edited by Holly Hunter

Design by Todd Atticus

ISSN: 2463-6460

Published: 23 May 2018 


Leaving Dunedin after university, reasons why Hollywood doesn’t cast poets in films, oil paintings of fail-video stills, an apricot plucked from a novel, a porn filmmaker memorialising her son: Mimicry is Aotearoa’s most playful journal showcasing new writing, visual art, photography and music by emerging artists. This is issue four.

Contributors include JM Francis, Emer Lyons, Chris Tse, Sigred Yamit, Aimee-Jane Anderson-O’Connor, Essa May Ranapiri, Mary Rainsford, Sophie van Waardenberg, Morgan Bach, Tim Grgec, Brent Cantwell, Chris Stewart, Kim Fulton, Louise Wallace, Ella Borrie, Ash Davida Jane, Amanda Hunt, Aaron Horrell, Rachel O’Neill, Rebecca Hawkes, Mariane Bevan, Alie Benge, Caoimhe McKeogh, Briana Jamieson, Lucy Stronach, Keith Nunes, Paul John Nelson, Sam Clague, Rufus Nightingale, St Bartholomew, Girlboss, Heavy Chest, Bad Friend, Milk and NIISA.